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2019-2020 Events

Sai Reddy
Associate Professor, ETH Zurich
Encoding and decoding specificity in adaptive immunity, 04/15/2020

Evan Scott
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
Immunoengineering: Combining Biomaterials Science and Immunology, 04/22/2020

Sri Kosuri
Co-Founder & CEO, Octant
Synthetic Biology, Startups, Careers and Coronavirus, 04/29/2020

Adam Zlotnick
Professor, Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Indiana University
Extracting translational approaches from physical principles: the structure and assembly of Hepatitis B Virus, 05/06/2020

Amy Marshall-Colon
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Plant Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Integrative Modeling and Visualization for the Development of in Silico Crops, 05/13/2020

Ray Bourdeau
Senior Scientist, Downstream Process Development, Codiak BioSciences
Precision Exosomes, an Emerging Therapeutic Platform for the Delivery of Biomolecules, 05/20/2020

Guillermo Ameer
Professor, Biomedical Engineering,  Northwestern University
Regenerative Engineering: Enabling Regenerative Medicine, 05/27/2020

Keara Lane
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern University
Dynamics of cell signaling, 06/03/2020

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