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The application process for National Institutes of Health-funded Trainee and Biotechnology Cluster appointments is essentially the same. Applicants who wish to be considered for both types of appointments may submit one application for both programs.

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 academic year has passed.

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As summarized in the Modes of Participation section, students may participate in BTP as either an NIH-funded Trainee or a Biotechnology Cluster Member. Each mode has unique eligibility requirements, as detailed below.

NIH-funded Trainee Eligibility Requirements

Biotechnology Cluster Eligibility Requirements

Students who are interested in the BTP and have not yet applied to a graduate program at Northwestern are encouraged to contact BTP Director Joshua Leonard to discuss which graduate programs would be appropriate choices for their admission to the University. First year graduate students may also reach out to their graduate program director or BTP preceptors in their department for more information.

Application Deadline and Requirements

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