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2014-2015 Events

Eric Weiss
Associated Professor of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University, 9/24/2014

Dale Edgar
Lilly Distingued research fellow, Global Head of Science Technology Partnerships, Eli Lilly, 10/06/2014

Alessandra Balduini
Research Professor, Tufts University; Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pavia
Silk Biomaterial for Bone Marrow Modeling and Platelet Production, 11/11/2014

Jason Wertheim
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University
Challenges and Progress in Kidney and Liver Recellularization, 12/17/2014

Kathyn Kosuda
Speaker Cancellation, 1/28/2015

Kristi Anseth
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder
Dynamic Hydrogel Matrices: Cell Biology in the Fourth Dimension, 2/5/2015

Vadim Backman
Walter Dill Scott Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
In vitro nanocytology test for highly accurate early cancer screening and prognostication in primary care setting, 3/4/2015

Andrew Chan
Senior Vice President, Research-Biology, Genentech, Inc
Personalizing Health Care to Meet the Challenges of Drug Discovery and Development, 3/17/2015
April 22, 2015

John Connelly
Senior Scientist, Diagnostics for All
Paper-based PCR diagnostics, 4/22/2015

George Wells
Louis Berger Junior Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University
Microbial Consortia, 5/6/2015

Ajikumar Parayil
Co-founder Chief Technology Officer, Manus Biosynthesis
Terpene Biochemistry, 5/13/2015

Julie Liu
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
Tissue Engineering, 6/3/2015

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