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Biotechnology Training Program Handbook

Each year, information distributed at the fall onboarding retreat is collated into the Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) Handbook. This information includes key program requirements, logistics, and process information as well as contacts of relevance to current trainees.

View BTP Handbook 2021-2022


It is recommended that you submit your peer-reviewed final manuscripts, accepted for publication, to PubMed Central (PMC).  PMC submission assistance can be found here.  Below you will find templates on how to acknowledge your funding source; please note the text is different for NIH funded trainees and TGS funded cluster members.


These funds are in place to support your research and professional development.  Reach out to BTP leadership with any questions.

Spending Guide

Professional Development and Inclusion

The Graduate School (TGS) hosts a portal for exploring resources and programming to contribute to the professional development of our graduate students. TGS also collates a range of career development resources that are available to BTP trainees. Additional resources (some of which are described elsewhere on this site) include:

Core Facilities

Northwestern maintains numerous core facilities for research in the life sciences and bioengineering. These shared research facilities, beyond the laboratory facilities of the training faculty members, are described in detail on the Core Facilities Administration page of the Northwestern University Office of Research website.

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